Supporting Nature

Supporting Nature
It's incredibly important to me that my business helps nature which is why every purchase of glass from me will help fund conservation projects in Scotland. I am so lucky to have been born and to live in such a beautiful and diverse country.

I'm not alone in feeling that way given that Scotland is admired worldwide for its wildlife and majestic scenery. More personally, nature is a huge inspiration for my work and is so important to all of our mental and physical health too. 


Una Galbraith Glass in Partnership with Plantlife

Your Purchases are Helping Plantlife to Save Scotland’s Rainforest!
People who know me know that I am passionate about nature and love plants in particular, so it is with great honour that I announce that I am now partnered with Plantlife to help save Scotland’s rainforest!

Did you know we have rainforests in Scotland? I didn’t until very recently and I certainly didn’t expect to learn that Scotland has some of the best temperate rainforest sites in all of Europe! 

Technically called temperate rainforest, Scotland’s rainforest is a globally rare habitat, even rarer than tropical rainforests! In this country we have some of the best temperate rainforest sites owing to our notoriously wet weather, unpolluted air and ancient woodlands.

It’s important to me that every purchase of my handmade glass gives back to the country and wildlife that inspires me and so many others and makes Scotland an iconic place to visit. That’s why a portion of each purchase from me is donated to Plantlife to help fund this incredible project.

Find out more about Plantlife’s Saving Scotland’s Rainforests project by visiting their website at:

Making Glass a Better Way
Making my glass art takes a lot of time in the kiln and the kiln does use a lot of electricity. That's why I'm with a green energy supplier that uses only 100% renewable energy. I also have a solar panel that generates electricity too.

This Packaging is Special!
Traditional packaging is often plastic based which is bad for the planet which is why as much of the packaging as possible is made from recycled or recyclable materials, even the packing peanuts are compostable and non-toxic as they are made from starch! Instead of using bubblewrap, I use wood wool from responsible sustainable sources, which like the packing peanuts, is also compostable, and as an added bonus, smells great too!