Saving Scotland's Rainforest!

Una Galbraith Glass in Partnership with Plantlife

Your Purchases are Helping to Save Scotland’s Rainforest!
People who know me know that I am passionate about nature and am a total plant geek, so it is with great honour that I am teaming up with Plantlife to help save Scotland’s rainforest!

With every purchase, a portion is donated to Plantlife to help fund this incredible project. I didn’t even know we had rainforest in Scotland and I certainly didn’t expect to learn that Scotland has some of the best temperate rainforest sites in all of Europe! 

Technically called temperate rainforest, Scotland’s rainforest is a globally rare habitat, even rarer than tropical rainforests! In Scotland we have some of the best temperate rainforest sites owing to our notoriously wet weather (say no more!), unpolluted air and ancient woodlands.

Find out more about Plantlife’s Saving Scotland’s Rainforest project by visiting their website at:


Update January 2021:

The Alliance for Scotland's Rainforest have produced a great video (shown below) that shows just how precious and important the rainforest in Scotland is. It's had amazing coverage in the national media, including in the Times, Herald, Press and Journal, and STV news! There's also an interview with Alistair Whyte on Radio Scotland which you can listen to here (interview starts at 1:15:30).