Last dispatch before Christmas will be 22/12/21. I will be off for Christmas from 23/12/21 - 06/01/22. Any orders received during that time will be dispatched upon my return. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2022, Una

Glass Inspiration and How It's Made

I use the highest quality glass to make my products which means that my glass has the best colour pigmentation and shine which are the main reasons I and everyone love glass. Using the best materials also mean your glass can last a lifetime. 


How It's Made

I use the kiln to heat up different layers and forms of glass. One of the joys of working with different forms of glass is the variation of texture and depth that can be achieved in the finished piece. I use powdered and sheet glass, as well as frit. Frit is essentially glass chips but comes in different levels of coarseness. To melt the glass together the kiln is on for around 14 hours and then has to cool down to a minimum of 60°C before it can be opened. In total the first firing takes around 24 hours to complete. 

View of red molten glass shards inside the kiln which is heated to around 800 degrees Celsius

Now the glass is checked and cold-worked to make sure there are no sharp edges, before being fired in the kiln again to soften the edges and enhance the look and feel of the glass. Again this process takes around 24 hours in total. 

Finally, if the glass is a free-standing ornament like the waves and curves or tea-light holders then the glass has a final firing in the kiln to bend it into its final form. If however, I need to use gravity to pull the glass into a sculptural form, I then fire it again in a hollowed out ring, allowing the heat of the kiln and gravity to draw the glass down. This is a long process and requires constant monitoring to make sure that the glass doesn't drop too far but also drops enough to form a vessel. 

When the kiln is on, I set to work on turning glass into necklace pendants and earrings, which is such a fun and gratifying process! Seeing bits of glass transformed from plain chips to finished earrings with beautiful sterling silver is really magical! 


My Inspiration

I'm inspired to make and sell my glass to help other people show their loved ones how much they're appreciated and cared for. In my family at least, gift-giving is one of the main ways of showing affection, especially when a gift is homemade because it shows extra thought and care. I love the idea that the glass I make helps someone show their partner, parents, friends and family that they are special, valued and cherished. I try to make my glass extra special (and more convenient for you) by gift-wrapping each order and finishing with a wax seal flourish, before the order is sent on its way. 

Most of the themes of my work is inspired by nature, by the colours and textures of plants and landscapes found in Scotland. I try not to control the glass too much so I can convey the movement of flowers and plants which I think makes for more dynamic and interesting art. 

I also love using glass to produce jewellery with unusual shapes, bold colours, tie-dye and marbling effects, is so exhilarating for me and I am loving experimenting with new styles. I've always loved jewellery, I bought my first piece at the age of 6, with holiday money I'd been given by my parents and grandparents, so it's not surprising that I love making my own earrings and necklaces with glass! I find that while I'm not so bothered about my clothes, that I love to express myself through my jewellery.